Sons of Ulster


They carried Ulster’s banner fourth, & guarded it from stain through fiercest fight the c'lrs bore, fearless of death & pain when that day of bitter anguish, bawned upon fair Frances shore forward Ulster came the order as our gallant lads went o'er. No surrender was their cry as they dashed across the plain over Flanders bloody field of woe, to mingle with the slain they fought with mainly courage and a noble purpose high they thought of home & Ulster & they smiled as death drew nigh.

Where the battle raged the fiercest, mid a hell of roaring gun they fought & died for Britain, there they sleep old Ulster’s sons their memory will never die, and through the years to be they sweetly rest, with life’s warfare over. Noel gave his all for the community and its struggle to resist Violent Republicanism, Noel Kinner was a true loyalist Noel Kinner was a true Son of Ulster.

In writing this page the officers and members of the SOUFB Glasgow pay respect to Brian's Memory and to his family who have to endure the thinking that Brian was shot by the forces of a country for which he loved and dedicated his entire adult life to, Brian Robinson new that when he took the decision to Volunteer his services to B Company of the Belfast Brigades 1st Battalion of the UVF that he would either end up in Prison or Dead for standing up for his people and helping them in their day to day struggle to remain part of the UK, Brian will be turning in his grave now knowing that that Very country for which he fought plotted his death and used him as a political pawn to reflect the sudden out cry by republicans about the shoot to kill brought to the fore only one week before Brian was slain on Belfast's Crumlin Rd. Brian Robinson was a sad case of reality inside the Dirty War that DOES exist in Northern Ireland & Beyond!.