Orange Orders


On Saturday 2nd Sept 1989 at approx 10am Irish Republican Patrick Mckenna was executed outside the Ardoyne shops by 2 members of an Ulster Volunteer Force Active Service Unit. The 2 Volunteers made their escape on a motorcycle down the Crumlin rd as they approached the junction of Crumlin rd and Flax St The Pinion Passenger (Brian) was shot several times in the back just before the motor cycle was rammed from behind by a blue astra car that contained a male & female, both were members of an Under Cover Army Unit , also present at the Ambush was a green fiat regatta and a further 2 males (also undercover army) the 2 men were knocked off the motorcycle with one (Brian) being knocked 30 feet in the air (Already Wounded)"according to witnesses" subsequent actions by the Army Unit resulted in the Motorcycle passenger being Shot Dead & the driver of the Bike being arrested.

At the time the public opinion was exactly what the security forces and their strategists!! wanted it to be!, "that the 2 Volunteers simply ran into the Undercover Army Unit due to Bad luck !" and that "the Army Unit was simply in the right place at the right time" but numerous questions started to come to the fore in the days and weeks that followed. Eye witness accounts confirm that the 2 Army Units had been seen sitting close by and were in eye view of the actual shooting of Patrick Mckenna.

The above being the case echoed by several witnesses WHY? did they not intervene before the shooting, to arrest the 2 Volunteers. Brian was knocked 30 feet in the air his helmet & his shoes had been knocked off by the impact, the weapon was also knocked 50 feet from where Brian fell, HE WAS NO THREAT TO ANYONE AT THIS TIME ! Especially professional elite soldiers, as Brian lay he was shot several times with an automatic machine pistol, why was he not arrested?